Saturday, 21 February 2009


I know I'm absolutely useless. I've had a very busy few weeks. And my heart hasn't been in it.

Firstly the hubby managed to get pneumonia (he can't just catch a cold like everybody else, he's not even happy with the 'man-flu' - it has to be something really impressive!) then the kids have been taking it in turns to be ill (nothing major, just colds and fevers - plus one bout of uncontrollable puking at a supermarket checkout - great - my cup runneth over...)

The major problem has been trying to cope with everything on my own. I can no longer say that 'he does nothing' with a clear conscience because he must do or I wouldn't be so wiped out doing it all myself. It's a joint effort. It would be nice if he could extend me the same courtesy and admit he couldn't do it all alone as well but that's probably expecting too much...

The main bugbear has been the complete lack of help from any of his family. Not his parents (who are retired and do nothing) or his sisters (both of whom only work part-time and don't have young children) and everything has fallen onto my family, who all work and don't have time to be running around like blue-assed flies on my behalf.

Anyway...enough venting. That wasn't my intention, and certainly isn't why I wanted to start a blog.

Feels good though :)


  1. oh, i'm so sorry to hear about the illness - hope all is better soon.